Lawless Spirits & Kitchen celebrates the mavericks, dissenters, and nonconformists who have shaped the world with their unbridled courage and unrestrained passion. Its glitzy style evokes visions of Frank Sinatra or Steve McQueen leaning on the bar with a stiff, well-crafted Rye Manhattan. Plush lounge areas and revolutionary cocktails beckon to modern-day adventurers, intellectuals, and pioneers forged with the character of a Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, or Susan B. Anthony.

Tempting bites whet the appetite, while a pictorial history recognizes rebels and renegades who protected liberty and freedom of thought, as well as some who went too far, sparking consideration about what is equitable and what should be challenged.

Lawless Spirits & Kitchen provides a unique atmosphere to celebrate life, liberty, and laughter with friends.

  • Great Views
  • Handicap Accessible
  • Live Music/DJ
  • Patio

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