Leo's Oyster Bar

San Francisco's most chic restaurant by celebrated restaurateur Anna Weinberg and designed by Ken Fulk

Enter Leo’s and find a cocktail and oyster bar of the golden era. This is where the vintage champagne and raw bar are very cold, and the baked and fried oysters are served hot. Where caviar and tater tots are loved equally, and where the rooms are a series of intimate and well-appointed experiences.
Our light and fern-filled conservatory at the front might be the ideal spot to have a proper Martini and Rock Shrimp Toasts in the afternoon. You might never look better than while sitting at the hammered brass and onyx bar, rakishly enjoying apertivi and a “Leo’s Louie”.
Cozy up to the bar, and settle into the banquettes in the nestled back room, the Champagne Bar.
It’s all very polished, fun and delicious. Yep, you found the right place.

55 Seated 75 Standing
The Hideaway + the Tiki lounge
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